Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little King's Story

I've been playing this game a lot lately and I'm really determined to get 100% in it. Have any of you played it before?

It's yet another strange, not well-known Japanese RPG. In a nut shell, you are a polygamist, 8-year-old king who rules over his town with an iron fist by sending its inhabitants to war with rival kingdoms and forest guardians.

Little King's Story has a game play very similar to Pikmin in which your peons follow behind you and you send them out to enemies one-by-one as well as many job choices that come in handy for both fighting and puzzle solving. The best part about it is the huge variety of scenarios you get thrown in to through out the game and the exploration heavy aspects to it. If you love just running around and collecting things, this is a great game to pick up and aim for 100% in.

Another interesting aspect of the game is the wives you pick up from defeated kingdoms. Though there is no real dating simulator component as each princess falls in love with you upon sight once you release her from genie bottle-like prison, the game caters to several fetishes whom you can earn a special cut scene with by completing their gathering quests. You have a fat princess for BBW lovers. A Japanese school girl for business men. A mathematical genius girl with glasses for nerds. You even have a toddler princess who rides around in a car for pedophiles. (Creepy, right?)

Whatever tickles your pickle...
So if you can get over all the shota, polygamy, and pedophilia, this game is worth a play through.

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